The short animation ‘Love on the Edge’ which Patty Stenger and I directed together was supported in the context of Ultrakort, a collaboration of The Netherlands Film FundVue Cinema and the Dutch Association o Arthouse Cinemas (NFO)
It was really nice to make this short animation together with the talented team. Even so it was really challenging because of the time limitation of 2:15. Every shot has to count to tell this complex story in such a short time. 
Besides directing the animated short together with Patty I also animated parts and  with the help of Saverio Wielkens I storyboarded the animation.
The animation will be screening in the Vue Cinema infant of a feature film.
Special thanks to the incredible crew! It was a blast to work with this people!
Producer: Spotted Bird
Lead Animation: Marleen van Dun
Character Design: Saverio Wielkens
Background Design: Joey Pool
FX & Animation: Selie
Inbetweening: Jonathan Arkema
Celan-Up & Coloring: Alekos Recchia
Additional Animation & Clean- Up: Simone Peelen
Colorist: Bart Voorsluis
Trailer: Jorien Voogt
Saxophone: Allard Buwalda

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